Why Choose Us?

There are so many "cash for gold" companies out there, it's almost overwhelming. How do you know which company to go with?

For starters, does the company specialize in dental scrap refining? If not, they may not be able to ensure you get paid the full value of your dental scrap. Refining dental scrap can be a complex process. Because we specialize in it, we are more accustomed to handling and processing your dental scrap – which means higher payouts to you!

We get more precious metals out of your scrap than our competitors!

Some companies may pay you for your dental gold. We pay you for ALL precious metals contained in your dental scrap. Dental scrap often contains white gold, platinum, silver, and even palladium. We pay you for ALL of these precious metals.

Without the expertise and years of experience that our professional team has, you may not be getting paid for every particle of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium that your dental scrap contains. With us, you do!

Payouts that are often significantly more than our competitors!

Our professional chemists have been refining dental scrap for dozens of years combined. As a result, we typically pay significantly more than what you'd get from any other cash for gold or precious metals service. We specialize in the business of refining dental scrap and guarantee you'll be 100% satisfied with our service.

Are your precious metals still attached to teeth? No problem - send them as they are. We do ALL of the refining regardless of what, how, or where your dental scrap comes from. We are experts at what we do and pride ourselves on handling each client with professionalism and transparency.

What are you waiting for? Request your free scrap pack at the box to the left now! We look forward to serving you!